About Us

CHT Global provides premium domain name hosting and registration.  Paired with our Net2Mail Enterprise Email Hosting solution, customers will be able to add the professional feel to their corporate mail: Employee.Name@Company.Name.com, or Info@Company.Name.com.  In addition to this, CHT Global offers many value added service free of charge already included in the domain registration, which includes: WhoIs Privacy Domain Registration and DNS Management.  Domain forwarding is also available as well.


Key Features and Advantages:

Domain Names - Add a professional identity to your corporate emails (John.Doe@xyzcompany.com), or even your own name as a personal email address (John.Doe@JohnDoe.com).

Premium Domain Names - Someone already took the domain name you want?  They might be selling it, and if so you would be able to purchase these premium domain names through CHT Global.

WhoIs Privacy Domain Registration - Every Domain needs to be identified through its registration, but spammers often take advantage of your information on the web.  Take advantage of CHT Global's Free WhoIs Privacy Domain Registration to protect your privacy!

DNS Management - DNS stands for Domain Name System which points a domain name to a computer IP address, which allows people to find your website to be found on the world wide web.  CHT Global's service provides management of this, which is an added plus for websites and email service.

Excellent Support & Service - CHT Global has been managing enterprise services to millions of customers dating back to its roots in Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan.  Today, CHT Global manages Net2Mail and numerous other enterprise services.  We provide the highest level of support and service.  In addition, CHT Global works with OpenSRS to provide the Domain Registration services, which is the most trusted name for domain registration services.